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Curtis "Razor" BLAYDES the Fighter!

Curtis "Razor" BLAYDES is an American mixed martial artist, currently competing in the Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Not only is Curtis "Razor" BLAYDES ranked #3 in his class, he is also a native Chicagoan! A professional fighter since 2014 , competing on a amateur level since 2005.

TEAM BLAYDES the Movement!

Our goal is to connect the fight in you to the fight in Curtis "Razor" BLAYDES! If you wake up and get it done! If you find the energy and strength to rise to any occasion!  If you grind to make things happen! If you know the meaning of hard work! If you have ever been the underdog that beat all odds......YOU ARE TEAM BLAYDES!!!!!  Get your BATTLE GEAR to represent that energy you exude that very few can duplicate!